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thorny pandan princess

Once, in the days of yore, on the island of Bintan silent group of people canoe or sea tribes. They are led by a mighty mind. Inner Lagoi name. To get into the mind Lagoi, it must go through a betung [2] a lush overgrown shrubs.

On one day, down the beach Lagoi mind. Was walking leisurely, suddenly he was startled by the sound of crying babies from the pandanus shrubs. In fear, she bursts pandan bush with caution. Before long, he found a girl lying in the bush repose pandan leaves it. "The child who is he? Why here? His parents where? "Inner Lagoi wondered.

Having looked around, Inner Lagoi not see any signs there are people around. Since he had no children, it came to raise the baby as a child. Carefully, took the baby and brought home. The baby was then he named Putri Pandan Thorns. It maintains Putri Pandan Spiked with full of affection, such as maintaining a princess. Every day Inner Lagoi also taught her manners were sublime.

The clock is running. Putri Pandan Barbed grown into a very beautiful girl. Speech-language and polite santunnya reflects the nature of a princess. Beauty and elegance temperament Putri Pandan Barbed wowed the youths on the island of Bintan. However, no one dared to ask for her hand young man, because the Inner Lagoi wife wants her daughter to be a child or a child king megat.

Meanwhile, in Galang Island, there was a Megat who had two sons. The older and the younger named Julela named Jenang Perkasa. Since they are small, Megat was educating her children in order to help each other and respect each other.

Once they get older, Megat want Julela as inner Galang. This then makes Julela being overbearing. He was not concerned with his brother, so that their relationships become more harmonious. They live each separately.

From day to day Julela vanity intensified. He often berate and antagonize his brother without a cause. One day, Julela said to his brother, "Hey, Jenang stupid!" Later, I became the inner ward, then you must comply with all orders. If not, you will I cast out of the village. "

Perkasa porridge is very sad to hear his brother's words. He was no longer regarded as a brother. This causes Jenang Perkasa feels increasingly estranged from the family. Hence, there arises a desire to leave Galang Island.

The next day, secretly, Jenang Mighty sailing aimlessly. After days of wading through the vast ocean, he arrived on the island of Bintan. There, he is not claiming to be the son of a megat. He was always soft-spoken to everyone to whom he spoke. Attitudes and behavior Jenang Perkasa has attracted the attention of the Inner Lagoi.

One day, Inner Lagoi entertain with people other Sampan tribe. Not to forget also Jenang Perkasa was invited to the banquet. Perkasa porridge went attendance. At the banquet will start, he picked a bit away from the others, so that water does not wash his hands fall on the dish he ate. Without realizing it, apparently since he came eyes had noticed his behavior, which is none other Lagoi Batin. Behavior and manners that are impressive Jenang Mighty Lagoi inner heart.

After supper, went to the Inner Lagoi Jenang Perkasa. "O, Jenang Mighty! I was very impressed and amazed by the beauty of mind pekertimu. Will you marry me with my daughter, Pandan Thorns "asked Inner Lagoi. "With all humility, I am willing to accept the daughter of the lord as my wife," replied politely Jenang Perkasa.

Apparently, Inner Lagoi had forgotten his goal of marrying his daughter to the king or megat child. Despite the fact Jenang Perkasa was the son of a megat, but Inner Lagoi not know about it. He is truly interested in the good temperament Perkasa Jenang it.

A week later, Jenang Perkasa was married to Princess Pandan Thorns. Their marriage took place very festive. Drinks and food was served. Also staged dances to entertain the bride and the guests. Perkasa porridge and Putri Pandan Thorns also live happily.

Not long after, mind lifting Jenang Lagoi Bintan Perkasa as mind to replace him. Perkasa porridge Bintan wisely lead the people according to the custom prevailing in Bintan.

Leadership wise Jenang Perkasa sounded by the Galang. Until one day, a bunch of people came to the island of Bintan Galang. "O, Jenang Mighty! We already know about your leadership at this Bintan Island. The purpose of our arrival here to bring you back to Galang mengggantikan brother as you are arrogant mind, "said one of them. However, Jenang Perkasa rejected. He prefers to be on the island of the Inner Mind. A bunch of people from the Galang was again empty-handed.

While Jenang Perkasa live happily together Putri Pandan Thorns. They have three sons, the eldest named Inner Mantang, Mapoi inner being, and the youngest Inner Kelong.

Perkasa porridge educate his three children well, so they do not become arrogant. He hopes one day they will become responsible tribal leaders. So the three children diadatkannya with tribal Sea and named by tribal custom.

After growing up, her three children are lead their respective tribes. Inner Mantang bring emigrated to the northern part of Bintan Island, Inner Mapoi with his tribe to the west, and the tribe to Timu Kelong Bintan Island. The three tribes are the largest tribe and later became famous in Bintan area. If they have trouble, they go back to the first, ie the tribal customs.

Soon, Mighty Jenang died, followed by Putri Pandan Thorns. Although both have been gone, but their children and grandchildren a lot, so that tribal peoples continue. Until now, Mighty and Putri Pandan Jenang Spiked still remembered for of these tribal born in the Bay Bintan. Sea Tribe or Tribal canoe is still commonly found in the waters of Pulau Bintan silent.


Folklore above belong to the exemplary stories that contain moral values ​​that can serve as a guide in everyday life. The moral values ​​that can be taken a lesson in the story is the virtue of a good temperament and taboos being arrogant. Properties behave well reflected in the attitudes and behavior of Thorns and Jenang Putri Pandan Perkasa. They are always soft-spoken, polite and courteous, so they are a lot of people liked. Their attitudes and behaviors are inappropriate to serve as role models in everyday life.

While the arrogant nature is reflected in the nature Julela always humbled his sister, Jenang Perkasa. Arrogance was getting into after being appointed to the Inner Galang. By their nature, he was shunned by the community. Even his own brother leave. The amount of the harmful effects caused by the overbearing nature, so that these properties are dipantangkan in the life of the Malays. For them, the proud and haughty be excluded in society. Many adage mandate which states about the harmful effects of these proud and arrogant nature, among them:

if you like self-aggrandizement,
brother away, a friend ran

If this applies haughty,
people hate, friend away

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