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shy princess

At the time of daulu times, lived a rich couple, named Mang and Aling Dondong Iska.Mereka has a twelve-year-old daughter named Maria.Mereka loved their daughter.

Mary was a dutiful daughter and taat.Rajin and good, he makes himself loved by everyone.

But shame is also one of the different nature of Maria.Dia very shy to speak to someone else become a great burden to dirinya.Untuk avoid meeting people, he often locked himself in a room.

Mary has a garden-flower bunga.Bunga beautiful and famous around kota.Dia treating plants patiently and gently. Because the plants flower was his source of happiness.

One day a group of bandits raided a village in dekatnya.Bandit killing everyone they found and took money from the residents.

The next day the bandits came to the village where Dondong Mang and Aling Iska and their daughter, Maria tinggal.Mang Dondong saw the arrival banditsekaligus feared for Maria, he decides to hide Maria in the garden.

Aling Iska hid himself in rumah.Dia tremble with fear when he heard the bandits at the gerbang.Lalu he prayed, prepared for whatever happens.

"Oh my God!" Aling Iska pray. "Save my daughter."

Suddenly, the door into the house and beat terbuka.Bandit kepalaMang Dondong.Mang Dondong lost consciousness and fell in lantai.Aling Iska tried to escape but was also hit in the head.

Bandit rummaging through every place in home.Having took money and jewelry, they seek Maria.Tapi Maria can not be found everywhere, mana.Jadi bandits had left the house to plunder other villages.

When Dondong Mang and Aling Iska aware, the bandits were already go.They quickly ran to the garden to look for Maria Maria.Tapi ada.Lagi no-more, they searched every corner in the garden but the unfortunate Mary could not be found.

"The poor boy they took! Daughter of the unfortunate!" Aling Iska wept.

All felt a sudden stab something kakinya.Yang surprise, he saw a small plant quickly shut daunnya.Ini was the first time he saw crops ini.Ia knees and a close look at the plant itu.Aling Iska do sama.Setelah look at the plant for a long time, the pair concluded that the plant is actually Maria.Karena Maria has been transformed by God into the plant to save her from the bandits.

Aling Iska and Mang Dondongmenangis sobbing, any tears that turned into a small flower and reddish new plants they found in the garden.

Since then Mang and Aling Iska Dondong tending it carefully hati.Mereka know what the plant was, in reality children are Mary them.And, such as children, the plant was very pemalu.Jadi they called the plant "makahiya" because it shows it shows the essential characteristics of the Maria-shame - which in Tagalog means "makahiya"

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