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princess kembang dadar

Flower Princess Story fight Dadar (Monica Oemardi) full of fights. Children Mayangsari (Telly Hendriana) and Demat Lebardaun (Yan Bastian) is berkasihan by Burhan (Harry Capri), mostly young people. Demat not like it, then Burhan asked to leave the village. Burhan away and was about to commit suicide, but the magic that helped a grandfather and taught him martial arts. Meanwhile, two other demat daughter forcibly applied but was defeated. Then came two very powerful warrior who also wanted to marry the princess. Feeling unable, Demat Lebardaun tactical. He held a contest. Who can beat two powerful swordsman would be husbands daughter. Then he and the rest of the population was displaced, while the daughter is hidden in an urn that is planted in the ground along with the urn containing the other girls to deceive. Two warriors had almost found the jar, when Burhan come. Fighting occurred long before Burhan win. Burhan not want to be rewarded princess, but the princess instead menyongsongnya.


The story of the Dadar Flower Princess is the story of the legendary people, is still often in tangent.

Even today the local government has created a named Princess Cruise Ship Travel as Dadar Flower in the River Musi.

Even the location of the tomb of the kings and their families in the Bukit Siguntang been used as a tourist attraction.

This area is located 27 meters above sea level right on the old hill villages. This place still remains sacred because here there are several tombs including: 1. King of The Trembling Nature 2. Dadar Flower Princess 3. Princess Hair Selako 4. Good Commander Yellow 5. Good Commander Coral 6. Commander Sir Junjungan 7. Commander King Stone Fire 8. Commander Jago Lawang Based on the findings in 1929 in the surrounding hills have discovered a statue (statue) Amarawati Buddhist art style that Sri Lanka faces from XI century AD, which is now placed in the Page Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II. Tips can see the panorama of the city from a height of Bukit Siguntang Palembang by taking common kenadaraan majors Bukit Besar.

CITY Palembang, South Sumatra, rich with an amazing history. Starting from Kuto Besak built by people, not the Dutch until Sights Siguntang Hill. Uniquely, the fortress built Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I now changed into the military institution II Sriwijaya Military Regional Health. While there are graves in Bukit Siguntang Dadar Flower Princess. According to Solomon, tomb guard, Dadar Flower is a princess who has supernatural powers mandraguna. Chinese woman who converted to Islam were killed in circumstances still sacred. Many people pray there so that his ideals can be realized. Dadar Flower Princess few unique history of Palembang. There is also a replica of relief there. On top of the stone was engraved the story of how the history of Indonesia is known to have high power and culture in Asia. Historical figures Cheng Ho, the Chinese empire was famous in Semarang chalked remarkable story in Palembang. Zheng figure carved in stone inscriptions there.

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