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New dragon k-ping

his power in the curse of a wicked witch. As a result, the boy had wounds all over his body with a very pungent odor. The wound would never dry. If it starts to dry, always appears fresh wounds, caused bruising.

Finally, no one wants to be friends with him. Instead of walking, they were reluctant to say hello. Each of them passed away for sure. Do not want to touch, for fear of contagion.

The boy began to wander from one place to another to find someone who is able to cure the disease. Until later in his dream, he meets a kind elderly woman. Later he was able to release the evil spell so that he can recover as before.

Finally, there is no warning in the thought, he came to a village that many people are very arrogant. Not many poor people in that place. If anything, it will definitely be expelled or made uncomfortable in many ways.

Hypocrisy of the village's conscience bothering the little boy, who was later known named New k-ping. In a party, the boy managed to menyellinap entry. But what doubt, he must be willing to forcibly expelled being caught.

As he was in drag, he advised that they would deign noticed people can not, because they are also human. Just like them. In the treatment so he was not so damn. But the anger started to rise, as dozens of people began to sneer as he spat on her. "You little devil, ugly child," as maki them.

Not receive the treatment, he was immediately stuck a stick, which happened to be there. Then a furious face he vowed that no one was able to lift a stick, except himself.

Do not believe the boy talk, each man began trying to pull out the stick. But, again, it did not budge stick of place. Until finally people began to be afraid to talk the boy. "Lest there be nothing?" They thought.

Sure enough, within a few days, there was no one who could take the stick. Until finally, he secretly returned to the spot and pulled it out. A citizen who saw action kebetuan passing, direct flabbergasted. He also told the story to other people. Soon, the trickle of water came out of the hole. More and more and more, until eventually drown the village and made it into the lake.

It is said that not many survivors, in addition to people who saw the incident and an old widow who kindly gave her a ride. The widow is also a treat, until miraculously, the disease gradually disappeared.

But the wicked witch, still not received, until at one point, New k-ping back in curses. However strange this time the curse is not a disease, but instead to change his body into a very large snake with a clanging necklace around his neck.

Another version states, this snake is often out of the nest promptly at 00:00 pm. Every time he moved, twang necklace around her neck always reads; klentang klenting. Finally, this also makes it sound known as New k-ping.

That said, the fishermen who were distraught because they do not get fish, it would be lucky if the new k-ping passing not far from the place. That has made his presence had become such a legend thanks to the most in waiting.

Mandate: Man in cptakan not to hurt each other.

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