Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

Legend of Princess Nyale of Lombok

According to the tale that in ancient times on the south coast of Lombok island there is a kingdom called Tonjang Beru. Surroundings in this kingdom made the room - huge room. This room is used for meetings king - king. Beru Tonjang country is ruled by a king who was famous for wisdom and discretion King was named king by queen goddess Tonjang Beru Seranting. Sire has a daughter, named Princess Mandalika. When the princess adulthood, very good-looking. He was very graceful and beautiful. His eyes were like like a star in the east. His cheeks were like Pauh dilayang. Virgin hair is like unraveling. In addition to the graceful and beautiful she famously friendly and polite. Language said softly. That's what makes the princess became the pride of the people. The tradition caught Nyale (Sasak language of Bau Nyale) believed to arise from the influence of the state of nature and patterns of life of the farmers who have a fundamental belief of the greatness of God, created the universe and everything in it including Anelida like animals called Nyale. Appearance in South Lombok beach marked with the magic of nature as God's grace upon this creature. Some time before Nyale out at night torrential rain interspersed with lightning and thunder boomed accompanied by very strong winds. Estimated on the fourth day after the full moon, the night before Nyale way out, the rain subsided, replaced with rain patter - patter, the atmosphere became so calm, in the early hours Nyale began appearing rolling - roll with the waves thundering beach break, and as quickly Nyale gradually - gradually disappear from the surface of the ocean with the crack of dawn on the eastern horizon. In this activity looks the most prominent is the function of solidarity and togetherness within the community that can be maintained for supporting the continuity of traditional culture. Nyale wonders for Lombok Sasak tribe has created a tale of events that spread almost throughout Lombok and surrounding society. Fairytale is very attractive with a very romantic story and the narrative develops through people - parents who then arranged in the text of the legend Nyale.

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