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Jaka tarub is one folktale from Central Java

Tarub Jaka is one folktale from Central Java
One day Jake Tarub went hunting in the Sacred Mountain. On the mountain there is a lake where seven angels mandi.Jaka Tarub take one shawl angel. When the seventh angel of the shower, six of the seven angels back to heaven. The remaining one confused looking shawl, because without it he could not appear terbang.Jaka Tarub come in handy. Nawangwulan goddess named Angel was willing to come back to his home. Both were eventually married with a daughter, Dewi Nawangsih.Selama home life, Nawangwulan always use his power. Dimasaknya grain of rice can be a basket of rice. One day Jake Nawangwulan Tarub violate the prohibition to not open the rice cooker lid. Consequently Nawangwulan magic is lost. Since then she cook rice like most women biasa.Maka, supply of rice to be quickly exhausted. When the rice is low, scarves inheritance Nawangwulan find hidden in the barn. Nawangwulan too angry to know that her husband had stolen object.

Jaka Tarub begged her not to return to heaven. But Nawangwulan determination was made. Just for the sake of the baby Nawangsih he was willing to come down to earth to feed it.
Marriage Nawangsih
Jaka Tarub later became village leaders Ki Ageng Tarub title, and friendly to UB king of Majapahit. One day UB sends keris Kyai Mahesa contagious so treated by Ki Ageng Tarub.
UB messenger who delivered the dagger named Ki Buyut Masahar and Bondan Kejawan, his adopted son. Ki Ageng Tarub Kejawan Bondan actually know if the biological son of UB. So, the young man was asked to stay with the village Tarub.
Since then Bondan Kejawan be adopted Ki Ageng Tarub, and renamed Peteng Ox. When Nawangsih growing up, they were married.
After Jake died Tarub, aka Ox Peteng Bondan Kejawan Ki Ageng Tarub replace as new. Nawangsih itself gave birth to a son, who, after mature named Ki Brittle Pandavas.
Ki Ageng Brittle Pandavas then had a son holds Ki Ageng Sela, who is a great-grandfather Panembahan Senapati, founder of the Sultanate of Mataram.

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