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folktale surabaya

The origin and legend of Surabaya
Formerly, in the vast ocean frequent fights between Sura with Crocodile shark. They fight over prey scramble. Both are equally strong, equally competent, equally smart, equally violent, and equally greedy. Already many times they fight nobody ever wins or lose. Finally they had a deal. "I'm tired of constantly fighting, Crocodile," said Sura fish. "Me too, Sura. What should we do so that we are no longer fighting? "Said Sura Buaya.Ikan Sharks already have rertcana to stop the fight with Crocodile immediately explain." To prevent fights between us, we should divide the territory into two. I sepenuhnyadi ruling in the water and had to find their prey in the water, while you power on the mainland and the prey must be located on the mainland. As the boundary between land and water, we set limits, the place reached by sea water at tide "" Well I agree with that idea, "said Buaya.Dengan the division of territory, it is no longer a fight between Sura and Crocodile . Both have agreed to respect each region masing.Tetapi one day, Sura Shark prey in the river. This is done in secret so as crocodiles do not know. At first it memarig not get caught. But one day Crocodile caught Shark Sura's actions. Of course, very angry Crocodile Shark Sura broke his promise. "Hi Sura, why do you break the rules we agreed together? Why do you dare to enter the river which is my territory, "asked Buaya.Ikan Sharks do not feel guilty Sura calm. "I violated the agreement? Is not this river berair.Bukankah I told you that I was a ruler in water? Now, the river is right there is water, so it also includes regional power, "Shark said Sura." What? The river was' curry place on land, while the area of ​​your power in the sea, the river is an area of ​​my power! "Crocodile insisted.
"Can not. I "never said that the water is only water in the ocean, but also rivers," Shark said Sura.
"You deliberately asking for trouble, Sura?"
"No! I think the reason is quite strong and I was in the right! "Said Sura.
"You deliberately palming. I'm not as stupid as you think! "Vera said getting angry.
"I do not care if you're stupid or clever, which importance of river water and sea water are my power!" Sura still do not want to lose.
"Then you really mean to lie to me? Thus our deal's off! Who has the greatest strength, he would be the sole ruler, "said Vera.
"Fighting again, who takuuut!" Challenged Sura with pongahnya.
Shark fierce battle between Sura and Crocodile happen again. The fight this time more fun and awesome. Jump and pounce on each other, biting and hitting each other. In an instant, the surrounding water into the red by the blood from the wounds of the two animals. They continue to fight tooth and nail without a break.
In this fierce battle, Crocodile Shark Sura got bites at the base of the tail to the right. Furthermore, its tail was always forced to turn to the left. While fish tail tergigiut Sura also nearly broke and Sura fish back into the ocean. Crocodiles have been satisfied to maintain the area.
The fight between Shark named Sura with Crocodile is very memorable in the hearts of the people of Surabaya. Therefore, the name of Surabaya has always been linked to these events. Of events is then made emblem Surabaya Municipality is drawing sura fish and crocodiles.
However adajugayang found Surabaya from word Sura and Baya. Sura means Jaya or survivor Baya means danger, so congratulations Surabaya means facing danger. The danger in question is a Tar-tar serangah soldiers who want to punish the King Jawa.Seharusnya Kertanegara convicted is because Kertanegara was killed, which was invaded by the army Jayakatwang Tar-tar. After defeating Jayakatwang those Tar-Tar seize property and dozens of pretty girls to take to China. Raden Wijaya sepereti not bear this. With a sniper tactics, Raden Wijaya Tar-Tar attack soldiers at the port end Galuh until they withdrew back to China.
Furthermore, from the day of the event wins Raden Wijaya is defined as the anniversary of the city of Surabaya.
Surabaya seemed destined to continue fighting. On 10 Nopmber 1945 is proof of identity, namely Surabaya residents dare to face the danger of attack English and Dutch.
In today's world, a struggle for land and water areas continues. At the time the rainy season comes sometimes flood control of the city of Surabaya. In the dry season tenpat sometimes-stagnant pools into dry land. That Surabaya.

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