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Folklore of West Java: Cianjur

Origin City Cianjur said, in an area of ​​West Java, approximately Cianjur area lived a wealthy man. His wealth includes all fields and fields that exist in the village. Residents only became a laborer who worked the fields, the rich man. Unfortunately, the wealth, the man became very difficult to help, do not want to give any merit, so that people around him called him Mr. Stingy. Such kikirnya, even against his son though. Outside of their father, Mr. Stingy children who behave kindly often help people who need help. One of the customs in the area are having a party celebration, with the hope that the harvest in the next season will be better than the previous harvest. Because of fear alone, Mr. Stingy throw a party, inviting his neighbors. Neighbors are invited Mr. Stingy hoping to get a meal and a nice drink. However, they could only breast stroke when meals are provided Mr. Stingy only perfunctory alone, an amount insufficient so many invitations that are not able to enjoy dinner. Some of them complained, "Invited guests came to the party, but not sufficient jamuannya! really miserly man ". In fact there are no good to pray that Mr. Stingy because kekikirannya it. In the middle of the party, came an elderly grandmother, who immediately asked for alms to Mr. Stingy. "Sir, give me alms of this abundant wealth lord," the grandmother said haltingly. Instead of giving, Mr. Stingy even scold the old lady with hurtful remarks, even away. By holding a very deep hurt, the grandmother finally left the party held Mr. Stingy. In the meantime, because it does not have the heart to watch the behavior of his father, young Mr. Stingy take food and wrap it up. Then furtively he followed the old lady up at the end of the village. The food was handed to his grandmother. Getting food so wished, the nenekpun eat with gusto. Finished eating, he thanked me and wished Mr. Stingy children to become people living with glory. Then he went on his way up to arrived at one of the main hill near the village. From the top of the hill, he saw one of the greatest houses and stately homes are Mr. Stingy. Given what happened before, then the grandmother anger reappeared, once again he prayed that Mr. Stingy a greedy and miserly it got a reply in kind. Then he stuck a stick that had been brought, to the ground where he was standing, then the removal of the stick again. Oddly, of the stick tersbut then pushed it into the water mencarlah increasingly large and numerous, and flows right into the direction of the village Mr. Stingy. Watching the water come like a flood, some villagers who happened to be near the hills were shouting to each other to remind the villagers shouted, "flooding!" Villagers became frantic, and mutual berserabutan thither. There were immediately take its treasure, there are urgently looking for and invited his relatives to secure themselves. Seeing the panic, Mr. Stingy children immediately urged the residents to leave their homes. "Go away villages, flee into the hills a safe" he ordered. He told residents to leave all their possessions and livestock fields to further the safety of the individual soul. In the meantime, Mr. Stingy very fond wealth would not just go down hill as his suggestion. In thinking that what they have can menyelematkannya. He did not want to leave, despite the rising water and drown all that is in the village. His invitation to go immediately rewarded with a shout and curse it not pleasant to hear. Finally, Mr. Stingy son left his father who could no longer be persuaded. Residents who survived truly grieve the lost village meliaht swallowed bath water flooding. But they were grateful to be alive. Then together they find a new place that is safe. For his services, Mr. Kikirpun boy named their new leader. Led new leader, the citizens agreed to divide the land in the new land for cultivation respectively. Son of Mr. Kikirpun taught them how to plant rice and the ricefields were then used these fields. Residents always follow the advice of their leaders, so the area was later named the village Prompts. The village that later developed into a small town even this became known as the City of Cianjur.

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