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Folklore "Cow Sura" From Central Java

King UB ruler of Majapahit Kingdom, have a beautiful daughter that is Dyah Ayu Pusparani. Many kings and princes who apply to become empress. Then King UB held a contest, who can stretch the bow and magic to lift Kyai Garodayaksa Kyai Sekardelima Gong, he is entitled to marry the Princess Pusparani.
No single applicant who could stretch the bow let alone lift a huge gong. Towards the end the contest came a bull-headed young man, namely Raden Raden Lembusura or Wimba. He joined the contest and managed to stretch the bow and lift Gong Kyai Sekardelima.
Seeing Lembusura win, simply leave Sitininggil Pusparani daughter. My daughter ran to embannya. He does not want to marry the man-headed beast. Eventually he found a way out.
Raden Wimba'' Congratulations, you have won the competition with a resounding''
'' Thank you daughter and you will be my wife''
'' I know it. But I still ask one another requirement''
'' Tell me Daughter, what syaratmu it? ''
'' Make me I'm well on the top of Mount Kelud! Well water that we use both after the marriage ceremony''
'' Well Princess''
With his power, he was reportedly made ​​well with spirits.
Eventually King UB found a way. Lembusura should be dumped in the well. It soon Lembusura buried at the bottom of the well.
'' King UB, thou king of the crafty. I can repay you. That undercurrent is my body not my soul. Recall, once every 2 tiger I will ravage the land and kingdom''
Until now if Kelud erupts considered Lembusura raging for revenge for the actions of King UB.

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