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Folklore Central Java: Jonggrang

Once, Prambanan kingdom Peace be disturbed. The soldiers could not face assault Pengging forces. Finally, Prambanan kingdom ruled by Pengging, and led by Bondowoso.
Bondowoso a bossy cruelly. "Anyone who does not obey the command, be severely punished", said Bondowoso on people. Bondowoso is a magic genie and have troops. Not long ruling, Bondowoso like observing movements Jonggrang, daughter of King Prambanan beautiful. "Beautiful nian princess. I want him to be Permaisuriku, "thought Bondowoso.
The next day, Bondowoso approaching Jonggrang. "You look beautiful, will you be Permaisuriku?", Tanya Bondowoso to Jonggrang.
Jonggrang flinched, hearing Bondowoso question. "This man is very presumptuous, do not know me immediately wanted to be queen," says Roro Jongrang in the liver. "What should I do?". Jonggrang into confusion. Her mind was spinning.
If he refuses, then it will Bondowoso furious and endanger his family and the people of Prambanan. To say yes was not possible, because Jonggrang did not like Bondowoso. "How, Jonggrang?" Insisted Bondowoso. Jonggrang finally get the idea. "I'm willing to be your wife, but there is a condition," he said. "What condition? Want an abundance of wealth? Or the magnificent palace? '. "No, my lord, said Jonggrang. I asked for the temple, the amount should be a thousand pieces. "A thousand pieces?" Shouted Bondowoso. "Yes, and the temple was to be completed overnight." Bondowoso Jonggrang staring, her lips trembling with anger.
Since then Bondowoso thinking how to make 1000 temples. Finally he asked his adviser. "I believe my master can create a temple with the help of Jin", says advisor. "Yes, that's right you suggest, prepare the equipment I needed!" Having equipment at the ready. Bondowoso stood before the altar stone. Her arms stretched out wide. "Forces jin, Help me!" He shouted in a booming voice. Soon, the sky darkened. The wind howled. A moment later, the troops had gathered Bondowoso jin. "What should we do sir?" Jinn leader asked. "Help me build a thousand temples," pleaded Bondowoso.
The genie immediately move to and fro, carrying out their respective duties. In a short time the temple was composed almost a thousand pieces. Meanwhile, Jonggrang quietly observe from a distance. He was anxious, knowing Bondowoso genie aided by troops. "Well, what about it?" Said Jonggrang heart. He was looking for a reason. The royal ladies got together and sent them assigned to collect hay. "Quickly burn all the hay!" Command Jonggrang. Some other ladies sent them to pound the mortar. Dung ... dung ... dung! Radiating red tinge to the sky to the sound of the hustle and bustle, so much like the dawn breaking.
Troops thought genie dawn. "Well, the sun will rise!" Said the genie. "We should get going before the sun singed body," said the other jinn. The genie is scattered away leaving. Bondowoso was surprised to see the panic genie troops. The next morning, Bondowoso Jonggrang invite to the temple. "The temple had stood you ask!". Jonggrang immediately calculate the number of the temple. It turned out there were only 999 pieces!. "There is less of the" exclaimed Jonggrang. "That host has failed to qualify what I ask." Bondowoso surprised to find the lack of it.
He became very angry. "No way ...", said Bondowoso glowering at Jonggrang. "Then you are complete!" He said, pointing his finger at Jonggrang. Magical! Jonggrang instantly turned into stone statues. Until now the temples are still there and is located in Prambanan area, Central Java and is called Temple Jonggrang.

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