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Folklore Bangka - The Penyumpit

Once, in the days of yore, in an area on the island of Bangka, there lived a young man who is very adept menyumpit game. Sumpitannya always on target. Therefore, people call him Penyumpit. Besides menyumpit proficient, he also good at treating various diseases. Menyumpit talent and treating those he acquired from his father.
One day, Mr. Raje, the village chief in the village, asking the Penyumpit to drive a herd of wild pigs that have damaged paddy crop being fruitful, arguing that parents are still alive when the Penyumpit ever indebted to him. To pay the debts of his parents, the Penyumpit willing to work on Pak Raje.
The next day, leave the field Penyumpit to Pak Raje to carry out the task. Arriving at the farm, he burned incense to invoke the gods and mentemau (pig god), so that a herd of pigs from damaging rice crops Pak Raje. The Penyumpit then patrol to monitor the whole point of the field until late. It's been three nights patrolling the Penyumpit, but has not seen any suspicious signs. Although the situation is safe, the Penyumpit kept guard.
When entering the seventh night, from a distance looked after by the Penyumpit seven herd boar were in succession about to enter the field. One by one boar jumped over the stone wall that has made Mr. Raje. Knowing that, the Penyumpit immediately hid behind a big tree with chopsticks in hand ready for use. When a herd of pigs began rummaging through the rice plant is not far from the tree where he was hiding, carefully lifted him chopsticks and disumpitkannya to the pig closest to him. Sumpitannya right mengenahi left side belly pig. A moment later, the herd of pigs suddenly disappeared along with the children chopsticks. Seeing the strange events, the Penyumpit became curious.
The next day, the Penyumpit blood spills down to the middle of the forest. Arriving in the middle of the forest, he found a cave in the surrounding overgrown shrubs. Carefully, the boy entered the cave. When we got inside, he was shocked, because he saw a daughter lying on the bed, surrounded by beautiful women. One of the women was the mother of the Princess.

"Hey, young man! You are? "Asked the mother of the princess.
"I am the Penyumpit," replied the young man kindly.
"There's what you need here," asked the mother of the princess in a tone probing.
"I'm looking for my missing child chopsticks along with a wild pig," she said.
"That which you seek, for my daughter," said the mother of the princess.
"How can I have a son chopsticks on Bibi's daughter?" Asked the Penyumpit wonder.
"Know, young man! Pigs are you chopstick is the incarnation my daughter, "explained the mother of the princess.
Penyumpit The mother was shocked to hear the explanation of the princess.
"So ..., you are the pig imitation?" Asked the Penyumpit with wonder.
"Yes, young man," said the mother of the princess.
"Well, I'm sorry, for not knowing that," said the Penyumpit with a sense of regret.
"Come on, young man. Forget it all happened. What matters now is how this thing off of my daughter's stomach, "said the mother of the princess.
"All right. I will release the child chopsticks and treating injuries aunt's daughter. Help me look for some leaves keremunting [1] and tumbuklah until smooth, "pleaded the Penyumpit.

To meet that demand, the mother of the princess immediately ordered a couple of ladies to look keremunting leaves are widely available around them. Before long, the lady's maid was back with a leaf in question. After the required set, the beautiful girl who approached Penyumpit lying limp and opened the blanket covering her body. Behold a sharp object stuck in the belly of the princess, who is none other than his eyes chopsticks. While his mouth muttered spell, revoke the eye chopstick Penyumpit slowly. Having eyes chopsticks apart, the scars are then covered it with leaves that have been mashed keremunting to hold blood trickle out.
Moments later, the princess wound healed and does not leave any scars.

"Now Bibi daughter was healed. Let me excuse me, "the young man politely said goodbye.
"Well, young man! It was a gift as a token of our thanks, because you have to heal my daughter. This bundle contains turmeric, fruit nyatoh, [2] leaves Simpur, [3] and fruit Jering. [4] However, this package should not be opened before you get home, "the mother of the princess message.
"Well, Bi!" Replied the young man, and left the cave.

Arriving home, the Penyumpit immediately opened the package. She was surprised, because the contents of the package as mentioned not the mother of the princess. Parcel was found to contain jewelery made of gold, diamonds, and diamonds. "... Wow, this thing is so precious!" Asked the Penyumpit with a sense of awe.
  "With this thing, I'd be rich," he muttered with a feeling of joy.

The next day, the Penyumpit went and sold all that valuable to a rich merchant in the village. He used the proceeds to buy a large field, luxury homes, and pay off all his debt to Mr. Raje.
Since then, the news that the Penyumpit tersiarlah have become rich. The news was also heard by Mr. Raje. He also intends to follow the Penyumpit. One day, Mr. Raje borrow chopstick boy and then went hunting wild boar in his field. In the hunt, he managed menyumpit a pig. After that he followed the trail and found the wild boar, which turned out to be the incarnation of the princess. Pak Raje tried to heal the wounds suffered by the Princess, but failed because he did not have the expertise to treat the disease. Finally, he attacked dozens of wild boar. With a body covered with wounds, he staggered back to his home. At home, Mr. Raje directly lying unconscious, because it does not bear the pain anymore.
Eldest daughter of Mr. Raje immediately convey the unfortunate fate that befell his father told the Penyumpit. Hearing the news, the Penyumpit immediately to Mr. Raje to help. The Penyumpit then treat Pak Raje with 7 leaves. After that he burned incense and called one by one limb Pak Raje, such as hands, feet, head, and others. Finally, he mentioned the name of Mr. Raje. When the smoke was billowing incense, in Penyumpit then read the spell. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Raje seem fingers twitching. Slowly he rubbed his eyes up to three times. Finally, Mr. Raje regained consciousness and recovered from her illness.
After that Mr. Raje aware (conscious) and admitted all guilt to the Penyumpit.

"Thank you, Penyumpit! You have to cure illness. I apologize for keeping force ladangku. To make amends, I would menikahkanmu with my youngest daughter. After that, I will appoint a head of the village to cover for me. Will you accept my offer, the O Penyumpit "asked Mr. Raje.
"Thank you, sir Raje! With pleasure, I will, "replied the Penyumpit.
"All right then. This tidbit I will immediately convey to all citizens of this village, "said Mr. Raje.Satu weeks later, the marriage Penyumpit the youngest daughter of Mr. Raje held with great fanfare. Various performing arts displayed at the event. Pak Raje with his family and all the villagers rejoice the wedding. At the end of the event, Mr. Raje handed over his position as head of the village to the good-hearted son. A pair of the new man becomes a husband and wife live happily. Residents were living peacefully and peacefully under the command of the new village head, the Penyumpit.

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